I started this blog to write down what I have been experiencing in the past couple of weeks and what is to come. From being laid off to moving to a completely new city and finding a new purpose, a lot has been thrown my way.  In no way am I a great writer, but why not publish your thoughts for others to give feedback and experience things together? I am beginning my blog on a rainy day after a weekend of recovering from wisdom teeth extraction. I am feeling very sleepy and in need of something to pick my life back up. Spring is officially here, but it’s the part where the rain comes and then a couple of weeks later we will have flowers and beautiful weather. In my current state of life I feel content. I recently applied to IU School of Nursing to receive an Accelerated Nursing degree because I already have a Bachelor’s degree in Public Health –  why not get some more education? I was accepted into the program and now I feel like I am in a bit of waiting game until school begins. I will spend my summer teaching color guard (something I am passionate about) as well as preparing for fully engulfing myself back into school. Soon I will come back to break down the categories of my life and all it inhabits. Until then I leave you with this intro. This Elusive Staircase is my featured image here because I can only go up in life!!!

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