Oh Fitness

As the weather gets warm, we all feel inclined to get out there and move. I feel that it is so important to stay active especially during spring and summer. Living in Indiana we can be cooped up in our homes from November through March most of the time, and sometimes even longer. I have always disliked trying to make myself run or do exercise unless it involved dancing or yoga. I found that out again yesterday when I attempted a mile run through Mill Race Park and back to my apartment. I ran for a while, but I wasn’t enjoying myself. So I started to walk and brainstorm ideas of how I can stay fit without doing something that I hate. My #1 idea is a hike. Hiking allows us to explore nature in many different ways and stay heart healthy at the same time. Indiana has many state parks which I enjoy visiting, which are low cost and have much to offer. Each have many different trails that you could explore time after time at parks such as Turkey Run, Brown County, Spring Mill, Clifty falls, and so many more. I have been to all multiple times and find great new things every time. I now have an awesome bike and helmet (safety first) that I can also bring with me to these parks for an even greater workout. As I battle myself internally on being more active, I vow to do things I love to stay active. This summer I want to visit as many state parks as I can and hopefully write about each individually. As we get closer to summer and the sun being out (most of the time), grab your water bottle and snack and hit up the awesome trails at your local state parks.

To explore Indiana State Parks click here

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