Columbus, IN – Architecture & Trails

If you are looking for a great place to visit where you can see great architecture, ride a bike or hike a trail, Columbus, Indiana is an awesome place to visit. I recently walked around the city center of Columbus as well as biked the entirety of their people trails system. Food: The food of... Continue Reading →

Happy Mother’s Day to all!

Happy Mother's Day to all! Moms, Fur Moms, Moms who aren't really your mom, but might as well be your mom! All the Mom's out there deserve so much praise today. Each one has sacrificed so much for many and give it all to be a Mom. No matter what your relationship is with your... Continue Reading →

Back to School, ISU to IU

There is really nothing better than education. The more we learn the better everything gets. In 2012 I began my education career at Indiana State University where I decided to study Public Health and Health Sciences in hope to one day give back to the community what I had learned. In 2016 I graduated and... Continue Reading →

Mackinac Island, Michigan

One of the best trips I have taken was to Mackinac Island, Michigan. This island is an island full of history, horses, great activities and food. This island allows you to get away from the hustle and bustle of every day life. With no cars on the island, everyone uses horses or bike to travel.... Continue Reading →

Vacation Prep

In three weeks, Nate will be taking me on a super secret surprise vacation. I have no idea what the vacation consists of or where it will be to. I know three things about the vacation. The length of time it takes to get there. A five hour drive to Nate's parents house, then an... Continue Reading →

Color Guard

One passion I have is Color Guard. Now you may have a certain image in your mind of what it is that I do, but let me try to explain a little more. Color Guard is dance, spinning flags, rifles, and sabres to music or with a marching band to create a show or production!... Continue Reading →

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