Vacation Prep

In three weeks, Nate will be taking me on a super secret surprise vacation. I have no idea what the vacation consists of or where it will be to. I know three things about the vacation.

  1. The length of time it takes to get there. A five hour drive to Nate’s parents house, then an 8 hour drive to our destination.
  2. Duration of our vacation: Five days!


3. The location is on the northeast coast of the United States.

In March, I surprised Nate with a surprise trip to Niagara Falls, New York for his 25th Birthday. So he decided that now he has to do a surprise trip for me, but it is not my birthday or anything special, so I do not understand his reasoning behind it other than he is just an awesome human! As we count down the days I literally have no clue as to what I am to pack. I am a very big planner so having someone else do all of the planning and I have no say is very hard for me.

Here is a list of things that I plan to pack this trip.

  • A small backpack – I use this as my purse during vacations, especially since Nate and I love hiking and adventuring in nature when we visit somewhere new.
  • Sunscreen – face and body sunscreen is always important on any vacation. I enjoy being outdoors and know that we will definitely need our sunscreen
  • My own pillow and blanket – Any time I am away from home and staying in a hotel, I always bring my own pillow and blanket. With my neck and back problems having the proper pillow makes my vacation smooth and leaves me feeling great in the morning. This also allows me to sleep in the car a bit.
  • My laptop – Taking my laptop allows me to use it to blog as well as looking up places to eat and doing any work if necessary.
  • A small purse – I  allow bring a small purse to take to dinner or out to bars when we are not site seeing.
  • Polaroid camera – For my 24th birthday, Nate bought me a polaroid camera! I will use this to take some cool pictures on our vacation.
  • Apple watch – I love being able to see how many steps I take during my vacations, so having my Apple watch on is really useful and allows me to track our whole vacation.
  • Rain coat – It is so important to be prepared for all weather no matter where you go, so bringing my rain coat is a necessity!
  • Water bottle – A good water bottle is great especially when on a road trip. Having water and staying hydrated makes your trip so smooth and allows you to keep away those headaches and sore bodies from sitting in the car.
  • Chapstick – I bring multiple chapsticks wherever I go, but especially on vacation they are needed.
  • Proper shoes – Many times when we are on vacation we do a lot of walking and different activities on our feet. Having proper tennis shoes or sandals really allows you to get the most out of your vacation!

These are some of the things I am currently getting ready for my vacation. Nate is supposed to give me a packing list a week before. I will not know what the weather is like so I will be packing for all situations. I am lucky I got a new suitcase, carry on bag, and backpack from the Vera Bradley Outlet sale last month! Since we are not flaying I can bring as much stuff as I can fit into the car.

Get ready for the big reveal of where we are headed to on May 30th!

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