Back to School, ISU to IU

There is really nothing better than education. The more we learn the better everything gets. In 2012 I began my education career at Indiana State University where I decided to study Public Health and Health Sciences in hope to one day give back to the community what I had learned. In 2016 I graduated and felt like I wasn’t sure where I wanted to go or what my next step was going to be, but it definitely had to be getting a full time job. Interview after interview and I took the position that would help me pay my student loans as well as allow me to live my life as I wanted to without feeling like i was struggling which made m feel successful. In reality money is not everything and can only give you so much. This position lead me to really rethink my choices and how I wanted to help the community. I was helping others in my position as a community outreach coordinator, but I felt like I wasn’t being who I was capable of being. Not to mention the workplace environment was not somewhere I wanted to be.

So for a couple of months I had been reconsidering going back to school or finding another job. Well things work in very mysterious ways and I was laid off in April. I was currently in the processing of moving and it came to me that this was the best opportunity for me to go back to school and move forward to where I could expand my life in many ways. So where I was moving close to IUPUC, a small campus that allows you to obtain an IU degree or Purdue degree depending on your major. So I thought what am I supposed to do in my life, where am I supposed to be heading? I did my research, starting with getting my Masters Degree. Did I want to stay in the healthcare field as an educator or did I want something else? I kept digging and found that they offer an accelerated nursing bachelor’s degree. I already had my Public Health and Health Sciences degree so why not explore the world of nursing where I could continue to use the education I already have about healthcare and the human body. I thought and I debated whether or not it was right. Something was pulling in me in this direction, so I applied. Well I got in and that is that! I am doing the thing! In August I will begin my journey towards my Bachelor’s of Nursing degree to become an RN. As it is an accelerated program it will be quick and I will be full time learning and studying. I am excited for the journey ahead and to give some updates throughout my nursing school journey!

Does anyone have any nursing school survival tips?


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  1. Congratulations! I do not have any advice for you because I have not started my program yet, but I would recommend to check out YouTube. There will definitely be people discussing their experiences in an accelerated program. Best wishes!

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