Columbus, IN – Architecture & Trails

If you are looking for a great place to visit where you can see great architecture, ride a bike or hike a trail, Columbus, Indiana is an awesome place to visit. I recently walked around the city center of Columbus as well as biked the entirety of their people trails system.

Food: The food of Columbus is great. They have anything from Thai, Japanese, American, you name it. They have great atmosphere and beer at Upland Columbus Pump House. We also always enjoy Hibachi at Taku. They have great chefs as well as delicious food and drinks You can also have a glass of wine and cheese at Savory swine. If you want ice cream there is a beautiful historic ice cream parlor called Zaharakos. They have soda fountains, great ice cream, and even food, as well as a Welte Orchestrion which is played if you ask. They also have an upstairs where the original owners used to live. Tours are given if you ask.

Activities: One of my favorite activities to do in Columbus is bike riding. Columbus has a 27 mile peoples trail which allows you to bike or walk around the whole city without interruptions from cars. Biking from northern Columbus to Mill Race Park then downtown for food is always a great time. We can stop at the park and climb the observation tower, bike over the covered bridge, go under I-65, and more. The best part is that you don’t have to have your own bike. Columbus has many Columbike stops where you can pay a small fee to rent a bike. There are cute back racks located all of the city for your convenience. While you are riding your bike or walking around the city you can find lots of great public art and cool architecture to observe. If you have time to go to the visitors center, they have tours that are offered to many of the historical locations around Columbus!

Check out this great city!!

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