Spring Gardening

This spring I am planning to create a garden with my Boyfriend, Nate. He has a backyard with wonderful sun and a great amount of space for us. We just planned our layout for what we will build next weekend. We have also chosen our plants, which include: Cilantro https://www.burpee.com/herbs/cilantro/cilantro-coriander-prod000469.html Basil https://www.burpee.com/herbs/basil/basil-sweet-prod000460.html Green Beans https://www.burpee.com/vegetables/beans/bean-contender-bush--prod001101.html... Continue Reading →


I am so excited that spring has finally sprung. I am able to get out of my apartment and ride my bike, run, read a book at the park, etc. Spring means so many things to many. This year spring came in late it seems. Normally its warm enough to be outside in March, but... Continue Reading →

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